10 Simple rules of lifting weights at home or in a gym.

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  1. If exercising alone or without a spotter,1 don’t go too heavy and stop before form breaks down; 2 poor reps means stop.
  2. Stop before form breaks down or you train poor movement patterns.
  3. If not using pre-made dumbbells or barbells, make sure the plates are properly attached so they can’t slide off the end.
  4. Check home gym equipment for wobbly bits.  No loose screws.  Cheap multi-gyms/benches can be death traps.
  5. Ensure the equipment states it is built to carry the weight you are going to load it with.
  6. Check your clothes fit so they don’t fall down, split or restrict free movement or you will look humorous and may find yourself starring on Youtube.
  7. Underpants are best worn under the clothes.
  8. If at home, keep pets and small children shut out of the room – unless using them as weights, of course.
  9. Move the weights with control.
  10. Concentrate.
  1. A spotter is the gym term for someone who watches you exercise and helps you get out if the weight gets too heavy.  It can be a workout buddy, but you do need to trust each other.  And if spotting someone, concentrate.  This is not the time to eye up the totty. []

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  1. Edward 2012-06-2

    Take a look at Adam Vickerman’s book, “Power of 10: The Once-A-Week Slow Motion Fitness Revolution” for an entirely different approach to weight lifting. Less reps in slow motion to reach muscle failure within 4 to 8 reps once per week. Before rejecting it, check out the videos about it on YouTube.


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