A Beautiful Body,High Energy, Exceptional Health!

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What would it be like to proud of your naked body?  The underlying motivation for wanting this varies – but what would it be like to have true energy and drive to achieve this?  Does age have to be a road block to success?

I have found that each individual knows in their heart what they need to do to get there.  My years of international health, nutrition and exercise expertise gets them onto the starting blocks and keeps them on their journey.

So initially we may need to address low energy levels; sorting out an eating plan; reducing pain; finding exercises and exercise levels that suit you and your situation, including time demands – so the transformation can begin. And then continue.

Giving people the power to help themselves achieve their goals I find inspiring.  Each journey is unique and as exciting for me as a trainer as it is for each client.


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3 Responses to “A Beautiful Body,High Energy, Exceptional Health!”

  1. Lisa Nichols 2011-08-27

    I have been to see Clare to help with a chronic spinal condition. She is a professional who is helpful and gets to the point. I much appreciate her approach. I will never ‘be fixed’ but I will with Clares’ help be the best that I can be. The type of exercises Clare shows me are manageable to fit into daily life. They help reduce the pain of my condition too. Clare is someone who thinks out of the box. Thanks Clare.

  2. Gina Hicking 2017-04-25

    Hi Clare I used to come to your body balance class at GP a few years ago but since my last baby I now have a degenerated disc and 2 bulges further up my spine I’m going for a spinal block on Thursday at rivers, I’m really keen to train with you and wondered if you could help me and what times you are available please? I’m desperate to reduce pain and get fit and lose weight, Many thanks Gina

    • Clare Harding 2017-04-25

      Oh Gina. Lovely to hear from you – but what news! Oh, do come for training with me. One of my guys came to me with degeneration and a disc bulge in his neck and lumbar spine – and he’s going great guns; gets quite emotional sometimes since he is now doing things he thought he’d never do again, and he’s getting stronger and stronger. I’ve been busy learning stuff!! And boy, does it work. Give me a ring on my home phone number: 01279 816430 and we’ll arrange a time when you are ready.


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