A dozen ways to speed up fat burning.

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  1. Eat regularly.
  2. Keep blood sugar stable – avoid sugary drinks and snacks.
  3. Sleep well or we end up slumped on the sofa stuffing down the cake.
  4. Find the time and ways to relax so stress levels drop away.
  5. Sort out injuries and niggles.  Or they slow you down and stop exercise.
  6. Keep taxing exercise sessions to 1 hour or less.
  7. Interval training works better than long slow distance; new target:  just how red and sweaty can my face get?  See numbers 5 and 9.
  8. Increase muscles/strength.  See number 5.
  9. Learn how to breathe.  If breathing into the top of the chest, we hit the wall of breathlessness too soon.   Have a few singing lessons or take up the sax.
  10. Take fish oils and carnitine so the cells of the body can give up their stores of body fat as energy.
  11. Reduce toxicity.  Huge subject.  Obvious culprits: unfiltered tap water, pesticides in food, petrol based addititions to beauty products, soaps, hand creams etc.  Go organic as much as possible and try not to exercise in heavy traffic.  See number 10.
  12. Work out what is slowing us down.  And the answer is not, ‘My age.’

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