An super quick way to stretch the hamstrings. Dopamine 3.

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Following on from the previous 2 blogs on dopamine, the anticipation of good things can help your muscles relax.  Dopamine is not only the neurotransmitter or anticipation, it is also the neurotransmitter of movement.  Try this:  bend over to touch your toes without straining.  Just note how far down you can go.  Stand up again and now think of your favourite food.  Hold that thought in your mind and bend over again and see how far down you go now.

I have recently attended my first Z-health course.  This is the most extraordinary training system that integrates brain, eyes, balance and body.  The problem with all fitness training is that it is almost completely body orientated.  Z-health is based on research into the interaction between the various parts of the brain and the body.  I have managed to make clients’ whole body work better just by catching a ball. Remarkable stuff.

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