Alternating Superman. An excellent exercise for curing backache.

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This is a very simple exercise that performed well will cure back ache.  Essentially, the opposite arm and leg are lifted and held up for the duration of an out breath, increasing to a couple of breaths length.  Start with the supporting hand flat on the floor and progress to fingertips and finally one finger.  Sounds easy enough, but there is a catch:  there should be absolutely no wobbling.  For this exercise to be effective, the body looks like a still photo.

How is this achieved?  Well gluten has to be avoided.  Life is always a matter of choices.  It depends whether eating a sandwich is more appealing than suffering from backache.  It only takes 4 days to clear the system for the abs to start working again properly – but 16 weeks to completely clear every cell in the body.

So once off the gluten, calmly exhale as the arm and leg are lifted.  Keeping length in the arm and leg, be very relaxed.  The more we fight, the worse things will get.  Then inhale as the limbs are lowered.  As stability grows, then whilst holding the limbs up,  just continue calmly breathing in and out.

The advantage of doing this exercise on a swiss ball as opposed to on the floor is that the pesky wobbles can be clearly felt.  Whilst the body is wobbling about, the back is not stable and the exercise will not be curing the backache.

Properly performed, this exercise works the deep stabilisers of the trunk and this is why it sorts back ache out.  Click on the highlighted words for further explanation.

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