About Clare Harding


I have been a personal trainer for 14 years.

Before that I was an opera singer and a singing teacher. The one constant question I have been asking is, 'What is stopping me and others from achieving our goals?' Before it was singing and now it is excellent, pain-free physical movement - and excellent physique.

Over the years I have found increasingly effective answers to this question. My work lives at the cutting edge of what is available in the UK. And so for those who are also asking themselves 'What's stopping me, and why does NOTHING seem to permanently improve things? Surely there is more to life than this?' I can offer unique, personal solutions out of the trap.

Qualifications: Chek Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach Level 2, Chek Practitioner Level I & 2, Poliquin™ Performance Trainer I & 2, Poliquin™ BioSignature Practitioner, REPS Level 3, Sports Massage & Therapy Level 3, Z-Health Master Trainer, R-I-S-T Phase, Spirit and Sustenance, Strenght and Structure Trainer, Call me : (+44) 0 1279 816430


Ten possible causes of insomnia.

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When we fall asleep at night, we are designed to stay asleep until the next morning, when we should wake refreshed and ready for the next day’s action.  Small noises and sensations should not wake us up and neither should pain nor the desire to wee.  Part of our brain stem, called the Reticular Formation,…
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Guilt free chocolate balls.

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Quite rightly, the government recommends cutting down on sugar.  So when craving a sweet, chocolatey, treat what are we to do?  Eat a bar of 100% dark chocolate, of course.  Which leads to two problems: first tracking such a thing down and second, enjoying it, since mostbars taste awful.  A few months ago, I rather…
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Poliquin Topical Magnesium – Magic Cream: first rate for relaxing tight muscles and sending babies to sleep

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Topical Magnesium1 is superb at making tight muscles relax; it is a cream that you rub into the skin over the tight muscles.  Since magnesium is the mineral of relaxation, if you rub Topical Magnesium into a sleepless baby’s feet, it will help it stop yelling, sigh contentedly and fall into a lovely slumber.  Ahhh. …
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