About Clare Harding


I have been a personal trainer for 14 years.

Before that I was an opera singer and a singing teacher. The one constant question I have been asking is, ‘What is stopping me and others from achieving our goals?’ Before it was singing and now it is excellent, pain-free physical movement – and excellent physique.

Over the years I have found increasingly effective answers to this question. My work lives at the cutting edge of what is available in the UK. And so for those who are also asking themselves ‘What’s stopping me, and why does NOTHING seem to permanently improve things? Surely there is more to life than this?’ I can offer unique, personal solutions out of the trap.

Qualifications: Chek Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach Level 2, Chek Practitioner Level I & 2, Poliquin™ Performance Trainer I & 2, Poliquin™ BioSignature Practitioner, REPS Level 3, Sports Massage & Therapy Level 3, Z-Health Master Trainer, R-I-S-T Phase, Spirit and Sustenance, Strenght and Structure Trainer, Call me : (+44) 0 1279 816430


Glasses and pain.

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The blog eyes and speed delved into how vital good vision is to getting faster and stronger and bendier.  If we can’t see well we do need to get glasses prescribed for us: my dream is that one day, Moorfields, the leading eye hospital in the UK, will pay attention to the burgeoning field of…
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The eyes and speed.

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For the amateur exerciser, the usual routes to improve performance involve getting an app, getting a coach, getting stronger or bendier or even just doing more exercise.  All these things work.  What is rarely improved is vision and if this is not addressed in the training programme, we will hit a frustrating plateau or even…
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Good posture – the four fundamentals.

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We are designed to stand up straight – with excellent posture; stand tall, scan the horizon and try to spot tonight’s dinner; then lope into action to catch it.  There are four fundamental parts of the old brain involved in standing up effortlessly tall: two help us bend forwards and two bend us backwards, so…
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