Balancing on a Swiss Ball.

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This is one fun exercise. Balance gets worse as we age, so developing balance on an unstable thing like a Swiss ball plus working on one leg balance standing on the floor is a very good thing to do.  A good ability to balance on something wobbly is useful when it is icy underfoot since our reflexes will be sharper.

Also, as the man points out, balance generally wakes up sleepy ab muscles.  As a clue, the more relaxed we are as we balance, the better the abs work.  It will not help to consciously contract the abs since all we will contract is the most superficial abs and various back muscles – and these will not help.

Of course, the man makes it look easy.  He kneels then rises up very quickly.  In my considerable experience,  people have to spend a few sessions wobbling about with hands and knees on the ball before they get enough balance to rise to their knees.

  1. Stand behind the ball, feet hip width apart (this is important – feet not too narrow) and place the hands on the ball.
  2. Roll onto the ball.  At first it may be necessary to roll on and off the ball a few times to gain some confidence.
  3. Then roll onto the ball, ensuring that the shins  are on the ball with the tops of the feet almost touching the ball – that far on.
  4. Relax.  Breathe out.
  5. Move the ball about underneath you.  Incidentally, the ball will not be still and it is a common mistake to try to make it so.
  6. Then move your finger tips to your knees.
  7. Then up you come – ta da!
  8. Look straight forwards.
  9. Apply to Cirque de Soleil for a job.

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