Battle ropes – excellent all over conditioning, including the heart!

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Me on the battle ropes.

Finally I appear on my own site!  Picture will expand alarmingly if clicked on.  My latest venture takes me outdoors and onto Saffron Walden Common on a Saturday morning, 10am.  My partner, Tim and I have invested in some battle ropes, amongst other things, and here we have me  whacking the things up and down to create a wave.  Doing this for 30 seconds engages an amazing amount of muscles: arms, gripping muscles, back muscles, legs, abs – and the heart.  When you stop your poor heart is nearly in your throat.  30 seconds of rest, then you do it again.  Fantastic  body conditioning, far less boring than the gym – and body fat destroying.  What more could one want from an exercise?

Hints and tips:  keep the shoulders down and relaxed; nice long back.  Repeat the exercise regularly for best results – which include stress busting.

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