Body Balance is morphing into a brand-new class: Flexible Strength.

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We are more than just our body.

We are more than just our body.

The Body Balance class is morphing into a brand-new entity.  It will be called Flexible Strength and will still consist of basic yoga positions, a core workout and wobbling about on one leg, helping make us more flexible and stronger.  The new element will be a brain workout.  Everything we do comes from our brain, and the better that is working, the better everything is from every possible aspect we can imagine.  The brain receives information about the world around us from the eyes and ears as well as the body, and the better its sources of information are working, the more confident the brain feels, allowing us to move more freely – to become stronger and more flexible, and, therefore, move more and move more quickly.

The new neural element will involve precise movements of various joints of the body, eye drills which will improve eyesight – yes, you read that right.  Hand/eye drills, co-ordination drills. These exercises are a surprising amount of fun to do, even if the first time through we are shocked at what we have lost.

The classes are still at the beautiful Manuden Community Centre – the hall itself is inspirational to workout in.  And the class times are Monday 9.15am, Tuesday 1.30pm and Thursday 6.45pm.  They cost £8 each or £35 for a set of 5 classes.  Contact me through this site for further details.

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