Can you detox mercury when you still have amalgam fillings?

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Here we have the lovely Dr Shade talking about how he got into working all his stuff out about mercury toxicity and detoxification.  He talks about how he, being a biochemist, knew that it was fine to do a DMSA challenge test even though he had a mouthful of amalgams.  After all, his amalgams weren’t corroded, so couldn’t possibly break down.

And then he discovered how wrong he was. He began the DMSA and peed very little mercury out – all good, he thought.  So he upped the dose.  And everything was very far from good.  He even got lost driving to the airport, a trip he’d done many times before.  Elsewhere he talks about how he then measured the mercury, not in his urine, but in his spit and the mercury levels were astronomical.  He found out later that his amalgams were corroded on the inside, not the top.

The constant leak of mercury from his amalgams was coating his guts and blowing out his natural detox system.

It is not safe to undergo a DMSA challenge mercury detox with a mouth full of amalgams.  It will pull out the mercury in the teeth and if any are corroded, the mercury will go straight into the system. However, it is possible to boost the body’s natural detoxification systems, reversing some of the damage and preventing further damage.  But even with the gentler methods, a full blown mercury detox is still not advisable until the amalgams have been removed.

Finally, a brief word about intestinal binders to remove mercury.  One of the classics is modified citrus pectin; according to Dr Shade, this is good at damping inflammation, but has no special affinity for heavy metals.  Clays, like betonite clay, charcoal, zeolite and chlorella are also broad spectrum cleansers.  The binders with the best affinity for metals are the thiol resins.

Mercury toxicity mimics almost all diseases.  Other signs of mercury toxicity are low body temperature and an inability to raise body levels of zinc and magnesium because mercury blocks the receptors to these elements in the cells.  To safely undergo a full mercury detox, we need to have had our amalgams removed by a dentist who specialises in this plus supporting the detoxification ability of our guts, liver and kidneys.  Merely undertaking some bonkers wheatgrass, smoothie detox for a week is really asking for trouble.   But the good news is that if we detox mercury by boosting the body’s natural detoxification systems, we will also remove many other toxins from the body and end up bouncing about like toddlers.  Persistant bags under your eyes?  Start to look towards a good detox with excellent liver support.

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  1. Kimberly Zickefoose 2015-07-20

    Hello, I ran across your web sight because I’m looking for ways to detox after all my mercury fillings are removed. I have to wait because of insurance. But what can I do in the mean time? I do have 1 unsealed one leaking and I have health problems from it. Can’t wait to hear from you . Thanks Kimberly

    • Clare Harding 2015-07-21

      Hi, Kimberly. Are you sure your insurance will cover the detox? Also see if you can find a natural dentist to remove the amalgams – the dentist will be best able to reduce the impact of removing amalgams. They are expensive, mind.

      In the meanwhilst, breathe well: make sure your diaphragm is going down when you breathe IN. This squeezes your liver and helps its function. Take the highest possible quality of supplementation, including a pokey vitamin C – Berocca just doesn’t cut it.

      As the blog went into, detoxification is dependant upon how good the liver is at clearing toxins.

  2. gary young 2015-11-13

    Hi, I had my amalgam fillings removed last summer (by nhs dentist , privately) and soon after had pain in my kidneys and joint pain to hips, shoulders & neck, My doctor thinks i have polymyalgia rheumatica and has put me on low dose steroids. I’m awaiting results of CT scan on kidneys. I have recently read amalgam filling removal can cause mercury poisoning and wondered if a detox would help, I’ve researched mercury detoxing but there are so many methods its very confusing. What do you think is my best way forward, best regards, Gary

    • Clare Harding 2015-11-13

      Oh dear. Hope you are drinking plenty of water. A very high quality, buffered Vitamin C will also help. And yes, it is confusing. But I would definitely get hold of Dr Shade and his company, Quicksilver, since he had such a bad experience with detoxing, that he has learnt how to detox well. Detoxing is not to be undertaken lightly. Only too often what happens is this: detoxification happens in 2 stages; the toxins are broken down or changed and can become more toxic at that stage, then the second stage enables the toxins to be excreted from the body. Often the second stage can’t keep up with the first stage and so things get worse, not better: an analogy: a bunch of criminals to be sent to jail are held in a poorly guarded cell, they chat to each other and learn how to become even better criminals: the bus taking them to prison arrives but is much too small to take them all; so a few go to jail and the others escape……..

  3. Eddie 2016-02-10

    Hi Clare, I have mercury toxicity and was thinking about taking the IMD intestinal cleanse and also the Liposomal Glutathione. Are these safe to take and are there any issues I need to worry about while taking these supplements? Thanks.

    • Clare Harding 2016-02-11

      The IMD intestinal cleanse a very good thing to do. I am not familiar with Liposmal Glutathione, so all I can say is source it carefully and cheap is very rarely better. Eat a balanced diet – including animal/fish protein and plenty of vegetables to help your liver have the ingredients it needs for both stages of detoxification, as well as take the supplements recommended by Dr Shade. Good luck.

  4. Terence Dolly 2017-01-31

    ‘Bulletproof upgraded coconut charcoal uses a finer grade of charcoal than is normally available and is completely washed to remove heavy metal contamination common in charcoal
    Benefits include:
    Supports detoxification
    Supports reduction of intestinal gas
    Take 1 to 4 capsules with 8 oz. water on an empty stomach for general detoxification, or when consuming food of unknown quality. Take intermittently, not every single day’.
    Does the above mean that the ‘bullet proof coconut charcoal’ can be used successfully to remove mercury?

    • Clare Harding 2017-01-31

      To be honest, Terence, I have no idea. I’m not sure that charcoal will bind to heavy metals, and certainly something like this cannot remove heavy metals from the tissues and bodyfat, where they get stored. What they are saying is that the charcoal itself has no heavy metals in it from the production and they claim it supports detoxification, but that is just a general detoxification. As Quicksilver point out, to safely detoxify anything, it is a matter of finding out if the liver is able to. Usually stage 2 of detoxification is the problem, not the first stage. Hope this helps a bit. Good to hear from you.


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