Chervil Root.

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It is most definately worth seeking out the Chervil Root.  This root vegetable looks like a small, squat parsnip.  It can be cooked as potatoes – but it is just so much nicer.  It is simply splendid roasted.  It causes great joy.

Another vegetable that is worth a bit of hunt – it seems to have become rather rare – is salsify.  This root vegetable has to be peeled and does suit being boiled then rolled in a little butter.  After peeling it rapidly turns colour, so a squeeze of lemon juice may need to be at hand.

Salsify.  Usually looks blacker than this.I have found both these vegetables in Natoora – a wondrous shop containing all sorts of stuff we don’t normally see in the UK.  It also stocks a large variety of saucisson/salami type sausage that contain an absolute minimum of preservatives.

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