Commando Crawl. Excellent Ab training. Eight key points.

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The commando crawl is an excellent ab exercise to do, since it trains all of the abdominal muscles, so will lead to a slimmer waist if done well.  Main points:

  1. Keep the back nice and long and look straight down at the floor.
  2. Try to keep the bottom in line with the shoulders.  If it is higher than the shoulders, it makes the exercise easier – and is a way of cheating.
  3. Move from the ankles, not the knees.  Lift out of your shoulders to engage shoulder stabilisers and not just sag there.
  4. Opposite limbs move together.
  5. Imagine you are crawling through a narrow tube to reduce side to side and up and down movement.  The more you move without wobbling about, the more the abs engage.
  6. For best effect, tie a piece of string tightly about the narrowest part of the waist and sing loudly.  This helps engage the abs properly and stops you just gripping your abs and/or holding your breath.  If not singing, breathing is normal.
  7. If you can’t stand the feeling of a piece of string around your waist – or find you can’t draw inwards from it easily, then this is a sure sign your abs are not working properly.  Give up the gluten and things will improve.
  8. Go both ways – forwards and backwards.


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