Danish baths.

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Blimey, its as small as the bath in my hotel.  Only mine isn't in the garden.  And I don't normally wear my cossie in the bath.

Blimey, its as small as the bath in my hotel. Only mine isn’t in the garden. And I don’t normally wear my cossie in the bath.

What is it with Danish bath tubs? I’m in Copenhagen again, doing a bit more learning – more Z health this time. This time and the last I have encountered weird baths.  Last time, the bath was very long – and very narrow.  Even my skinny hips had to slide into the bottom of the tub.  Anyone rather wider of girth would have got wedged, probably only about ¾ of the way down. On the other hand, despite the length of the tub, at least the tight squeeze around the hips meant I didn’t slide down the bath.  This time, the bath is very short. I decided to have a nice relaxing bath and clambered in, only to find my knees bent at an angle of about 85°.  The back of the bath leaned back, as baths normally do, but to lean back on it one ended up in a sort of U shape – so that only lasted  about 2 minutes before becoming too uncomfortable. So I sat bolt upright with my knees sticking up, feet jammed at the end of the bath.  After about 5 mins, I’d had enough, so had a quick wash, only to find it nearly impossible to rinse the soap off my legs – they wouldn’t straighten, of course.  I’m sure I’ve just been unlucky and that most Danish baths are normal affairs – wide enough for most bottoms and long enough for most legs.  The best bath I ever used was on holiday in France, and that was a sitting bath.  Utterly wonderful. You sat on a ledge, chest deep in warm water, not slipping down in a bath too long or squished up in a bath too short – and it didn’t use a pile of water.

Baths should be relaxing affairs, shape of tub allowing, and as such are best used before bed – or at the end of an exhausting day on holiday.  Showers belong in the morning – when we need invigorating.  It isn’t a good idea to shower before bedtime, since all that splashing water wakes us up.  A fact worth remembering if we travel across the globe and need to be awake, despite our poor body clock telling us otherwise.

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