Destress tip number 18

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It is the total incompetence of the whole video clip that really makes me laugh. To hear these young girls having fun I find removes a layer of jadedness.

Relax the tongue. Imagine it filling the whole mouth – we can still breath through the nose. Then allow that sense of relaxation to flow down the windpipe, through to the stomach and intestines. It may even help to think of the lungs relaxing. Stress makes the intestines tighten up, the mouth go dry and the breathing to get shallow. Not good for digestion or health.



I do wonder what on earth happens if you have a glass of coke and then suck a menthos mint. I do know that taking bicarb of soda in orange juice makes a bomb. This is not a way of curing constipation that I recommend.

On further investigation I have found that if you drink coke then eat a mentos mint, you may projectile vomit – for best effect, swallow the mint whole.  So for those as sad as me, here is a short clip explaining the coke/mentos explosion.

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