Farmer’s Walk. Good for grip strength, abdominal, knee and ankle strength.

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An amazingly simple, yet very effective exercise.  Here Marcus Martinez is using a pair of kettlebells, but the walk can be done with dumbbells or VIPR type cylinders.  In this version, the weight is even in both hands. Main points:

  • To be effective, the weight should be heavy.  So pick up the weights by bending the knees and keeping the back straight.
  • Close your thumbs either on top of the fingers or under the fingers, so you are gripping the handles properly.
  • Keep the shoulders back and down and the spine long.   Do this well and you will feel the low abs engage.
  • Look straight forwards.
  • Walk normally, landing the foot under the body, but with a subtle forwards lean of the torso.  Make sure you roll through the feet, strengthening the ankles and that you bend ze knees a bit, so strengthening them.

This exercise suits short exercise bursts, for example 30 seconds.  However, the most important thing is for the interval length to be consistent with the rest of the workout.

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