Feeling Good.

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One of my clients loves scuba diving and was going on a scuba diving holiday ‘Diving with sharks’.  The thought of diving with enormous sharks circling about you I find less than appealing – and said so to him.  He replied that, “You sit on the sea bed and they circle overheard.  But you know that the sharks will eat the bloke next to you and not you.”

That train of thought still leaves me a)speechless and b) in a deep state of ponderment.

If we go on these NLP type courses or read self improvement books, its all about positive thinking and not dwelling upon the past.  Mind you, they are also about taking action.

Doctors complain about the worried well bothering them because they feel tired all the time – but there is nothing medically wrong with them:  so they should stop worrying,  they are fine.  Just getting older……

Yet, strangely, the number of fatties and rates of diabetes, cancer and heart attacks rise and rise.

Incidentally, it takes decades to develop cancer or diabetes – these diseases do not attack us like a shark bite, we have worked to get them.

I find if I ask people how they are, they invariably reply ‘Very well!’.  Despite looking grey and in need of a good night’s sleep.  Which also brings to mind that in 2015 the sculpture on the 4th plinth in Trafalgar Square, London, will  be by the cartoonist, David Shrigley, and will be of an elongated thumbs up.   It would be good if  title were to be ‘Whistling in the Dark’.

To slide down to the Pearly Gates clutching a glass of wine and yelling, ‘That was a hell of a ride!’ requires more than just getting plastered regularly and becoming a vegetarian.  But if we do become aware that we could become the next bit of shark fodder for cancer to feed off, we will indeed stand a much better chance or arriving at the pearly gates, small glass of wine in hand yelling, ‘Wow’.  As an added bonus, on our way to those Pearly Gates, we will be feeling good – potentially very good indeed.  Just pay attention to the sharks and respect the needs of our body.

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