Flatten your abs. The forward ball roll.

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A very clear video.

  • Don’t let the back sag.
  • Legs and arms move together, there is a tendency for one or the other to lead the movement.
  • Make sure you look straight down, but don’t let the head sag.
  • No breath holding or jaw gripping.

As well as these points what is most important to notice is where you feel this exercise.  Done well, the exercise feels easy.  The area that feels as if it is doing anything at all are the low abs.  Nothing can be felt in the upper abs.  Nothing can be felt in the back.  The face is supremely relaxed.

To achieve this goal, the exercise alternating superman on the swiss ball must be mastered first.  Reading the section on The Core in the page on How To Exercise will help understanding further.  I am also shortly to write a blog on a troublesome back muscle called the Quadratus lumborum – a common cause of back ache.

Just because an ab exercise feels easy when done well does not make the exercise valueless.  If flat abs are desired, then basic exercises will be done well and effortlessly.  This means the abs are drawing inwards and not bulging outwards.  Any backache will be a thing of the past.


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