Flexible Strength in Hatfield Forest.

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The lake, Hatfield Forest. We’ll be overlooking it as we wave our arms about, wondering what’s coming next.

On Saturday 27th May at 10am I shall be taking my class, Flexible Strength, in Hatfield Forest just behind the Shell House/Cafe – in the open air.  It will cost £4 including a donation to Hatfield Forest.  You will need to bring your own yoga mat and, since we will be on grass, don’t wear your bestest exercise clothes…..

It is part of a summer long treat of exercising in the park, so at 10am it follows the Park Run, a 5 km jaunt round the forest, open to all.  Every fortnight there will be either a yoga class, a meditation class or me.  Click on the facebook link for which class, when.

At first I was a little dubious since my class certainly isn’t yoga or mindfulness, but reading through the list of classes, I can see that Flexible Strength fits well – it is basically the hardest class there, but to get the most from it, concentration is essential.

Now, whilst the area is dog-free, it most certainly isn’t goose or tree free.  So I recommend getting there a bit early to make sure your spot is free of goose poop, along with other wildlife’s plops, and also twig free – otherwise there will be a distinct ouch when sinking gratefully down onto the floor.

There is a maximum of 25 people and people are booking on.  You can just turn up, but to be sure of a place, it is a good idea to book.  Call me on 01279 816430, text me on 07802 872919 or contact me through this site.

Parking in the Forest costs £2 before 9am and £6 after- unless you are a member of the National Trust, of course, in which case it’s free.  If it’s raining, the class will be cancelled – which is a shame. Summer rain isn’t so bad – but, of course, the British summer is so unpredictable – summer rain when the temperature is in the mid 20s is one thing, but quite another when it’s only 12C.

Being just behind the Cafe, we can all recover our senses with a nice cup of tea and a bun afterwards.

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