Gluten and Dairy Free Red Split Lentils

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Red Split Lentils


Chilli Pepper

Celtic Sea Salt

Coconut Oil


  1. Soak the lentils overnight or all day.  Then drain and rinse.
  2. Grate or dice the ginger to taste
  3. Put the lentils and ginger into a thick bottomed saucepan and add water to about half a centimetre above them.
  4. Cover pan and bring to a boil.  When the water starts boiling, it will rise and may burst out under the lid and make a big mess on top of the cooker – so hang about the kitchen during this part.
  5. Lower the heat and leave to bubble away for at least half an hour.  You can leave it even longer – place a heat diffuser under the pan if you are using gas.
  6. Eventually the lentils turn into a mush.  Now add the coconut oil.  Be generous.  Coconut oil is good for you and not fattening.  Also add the chilli pepper and salt to taste.
  7. Stir it all about vigorously and leave for another 5 minutes or so.
  8. Eat.

Of course other indian type spices can be added, eg cumin, turmeric, cardamon etc.

I use filtered water.  Tap water is chlorinated and still has the remnants of such pharmaceuticals as the pill and cancer drugs in it.


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