Hip extension, back on swiss ball. Good for tightnening those saggy buttocks.

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The little clip is self-explanatory. Key points are:

  • Keep the knees over the ankles.  They tend to move forwards and backwards when lifting and lowering the butt.
  • Don’t arch the back.

The buttock squeeze should be very noticeable.  If you can’t feel this, first try straightening out your low back.  As you do this you will feel your bottom tuck right under.  Resist the temptation to lift the bottom and back too high.  For more information, refer to the blog on how to do the supine bridge as the move is essentially the same and the reasons for a saggy bottom in this exercise are also the same.

This exercise leads onto several other exercises with this start position.  The next two exercise of the week blogs will cover a couple of progressions both of which help give satisfyingly pert buns.




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