How to make the brain go faster and improve the memory. Take Poliquin Fast Brain.

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The brain slowing up and becoming forgetful is a frustrating sign of encroaching ancientness.  There are other signs too – getting more wobbly, stiffening up, needing the blasted reading glasses and so on.  All these issues can be addressed if the desire is there.  And brain function can certainly be improved; the brain can be made to go faster – by taking Fast Brian; he’s available from me costing £29 (plus £4.40 signed for post) for 60 capsules: dosage is 2 a day before breakfast.  Contact me through this site to buy some.

Some things we can do for the brain are simple; physical exercise to increase blood flow; reduce stress; get enough good quality sleep; drink enough water; learn something new – stretch the brain; eat a really healthy diet and this means cook it yourself, eat animal or fish protein along with plenty of fresh vegetables; and maybe drink a small amount of wine.  All these things help.  On top of all this come supplements that help brain function.

There are various vitamins, minerals and herbs that specifically help the brain.  Ginkgo Biloba being one herb with justifiably renown brain rejuvenating properties.  The Chinese Moss, Huperzine, is another less well known one.  Vital vitamins are B12 and methylated folate (B9) and B6.  Resveratrol not only helps us live longer, but also helps our aging brains.  After all, it is fairly pointless living to a ripe but gaga old age.  A combination of these ingredients, plus others, is found in Fast Brain, a product made by Poliquin.

I have taken Fast Brain – or Fast Brian – for a few years now and life is less depressing as a result.  In the time before Fast Brian entered my life, my memory was becoming quite dreadful.  I remember when needing to post a letter, I’d put it on the passenger seat beside me, so its white shininess would remind me to stop at a post box.   Off I would go, do whatever it was I had to do, return home and there sat the letter waiting patiently to be off on its journey.  This would go on for about 3 days before I would remember to STOP and post the it. I could feel my wrinkles deepening and skin sagging as this sort of thing went on and on.  Then F Brian entered my life, and my letters are off that passenger seat within a rev of the engine.  I have talked about Brian to clients, with little interest on their part.  The British really don’t do pills, preferring to accept the ills of old age as inevitable.  Anyway eventually I am heard and one client took some for her mother.  Success!  Apparently her bridge game has improved so much, everybody is commenting on it whilst she sits there looking smug and not confessing to the entry of Brian into her life.  Others to are enjoying Brian’s presence in their now more memorable lives.  Poliquin supplements are excellent.  They do what they say they will, they actually make us feel better.

So to make the brain go faster we do need to pay attention to how we are living our lives.  And the more we tick the boxes of getting enough sleep or drinking enough water everyday and so on, the more chance we have of aging from a wrinkly to a crumbly with a good brain.  Fast Brian ensures that our game stays sharp.



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