How to stretch your quads.

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To stretch your quads when standing you do need to have a level pelvis.  When it is level, for most of us, the knee will be forwards of the hip, as it is in the still of the clip. So here is how to do it:

  1. Hold onto something with 1 hand.  Wobbling about does not aid concentration.
  2. Grab the other ankle with the other hand.  Do NOT pull it to your backside yet. Look straight forwards.
  3. Bring that knee forwards of the hips and tuck your butt under.
  4. Press your foot towards the floor for 5 seconds, slightly tightening the quads. The knee will probably travel forwards a bit further.
  5. Relax the pressure briefly.
  6. Now really squeeze your bottom and then pull you knee backwards and your foot towards your bottom.  Try drawing the knee inwards so it points downwards and not to the side.  Do not let your hips move.
  7. Hold this for 5 seconds.
  8. Relax the pressure briefly
  9. Repeat 1 – 3 times.
  10. Do the other leg.

If you do this correctly, it is very noticeable.  You should feel as it you are pressing forwards at the hip joint.  Do not worry if your heel does not touch your bottom – it just means you need to do this stretch.

He does not instruct this contract/relax/contract method.  Possibly, like me, he is withholding a bit of info.  Anyway, muscles stretch more quickly and effectively when this method is used.

Done like this, this is an extremely effective and brief way of stretching out the hip flexors, the muscles that lift the knee up.  When these muscles are tight, which they are in most of us, they contribute to low back pain and/or knee pain.


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