Incline triceps extension.

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The incline triceps extension is a good variation on the flat bench triceps extension.  To mash the triceps, you can do a set on an incline, a set on the flat and a set on the decline.  Aids bulk and bashes boredom. I have chosen this clip because it is clear, if rather mechanical.

  1. As we can see,the elbows remain absolutely still.
  2. It will help if they feel slightly magnetised towards each other –  but don’t force them to be vertical if that causes strain.
  3. This variation takes the dumbbells down on either side of the ears.  Take the dumbbells as low as possible, so ideally the forearms touch the biceps at the bottom point.  This puts a stretch on the triceps and leads to them getting both stronger and bigger.
  4. Lower the dumbbells more slowly than raising them.
  5. For the best results, put a brief pause just before straightening the arms.  This really helps the brain ‘find’ the triceps and then recruit them well.

It is common for the triceps to feel weak in comparison to the biceps.  This is usually caused by the shoulders sitting too high, plus being rolled forwards, so the long head of the triceps can’t pull properly.  Exercises that engage the lower trapezius help bring the shoulders down and back, and thus make the triceps work better.  If this is the case, typically, the dominant arm is weaker than the non-dominant arm.  Click on the linked blog for a picture of the triceps and further enlightenment.

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