Are botox, fillers and hair dye the best way to age?

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Spending a fortune on plastic surgery suits some people.  However, the best plastic surgeon in the world or going on HRT can do nothing to reduce the saggy posture of age or improve our balance.  When we walk, 80% of the time we are on one leg.  Since balance deteriorates with age, as the years pile on, the way we walk starts ageing: slowly transforming to a waddle.  And the face lift/boob job does nothing to increase energy.   When we are young, we feel invincible.  Old age is never going to happen to us!  We burn the candle at both ends, any old food will do, we fling ourselves at life with abandon.  Then, oh horror, we reach 30!  Then 40!!  Then 50!!!, 60!!!! How on earth did that happen?  And what has happened to all that energy? To the ability to drink heavily and still be productive the next day? We catch a side view of ourselves, upper back stooped, head poked forwards and then there’s the belly flop.  Who is that old heap? The horror of realising, ‘That’s me!’

I am interested in how to age well, without dedicating hours each day to exercising or taking an ever increasing list of  pharmaceuticals. I don’t think that botox and all the rest of it serve the ageing process well.  Here are seven common ageing issues to think about.

  • How would it feel to sleep really well every night?  Wouldn’t that alone be rejuvenating?
  •  What about finding a way of reducing pain, of strengthening eyesight?  Would that not be rejuvenating?
  • And what about restoring posture and balance so we face the world upright.
  • Brain function – yes, the memory can be restored, the concentration improved.  The brain will work properly again.
  • As the muscles regain strength, our skin looks better.  Skin tone itself is improved – no more grey pallor.
  • Eyes regain sparkle and those bags go down.
  • And we can stop farting.  The farts of age.  Plastic surgeon proof. HRT proof. Restore the guts though and restore that youthful lack of regular bottom burping.  And a big bonus – as the guts gets healthier, the waistline reduces.

Yes, it requires desire and dedication – which is why plastic surgery suits the majority.  It is only the few who have the depth of desire to rejuvenate from within, to truly regain a vigour for life -and surge through the menopause/andropause.  These are the people I invite to work with me.

By healing the body from within with good lifestyle choices, taking the highest quality supplementation that delivers results, by exercising with techniques that increase strength and don’t injure,  by restoring the body’s youthful grace the years can truly be rolled back and we become striking again in our own right.  This is what I do for my clients.  OK, us fitness instructors are always gung-ho and super-charged and generally enough to make any sane soul want to lie in a darkened room with the duvet over the head.  However, in my case it hasn’t always been like this.  In my late 40s, I felt completely dreadful everyday – my catch phrase?  ‘Is it bedtime yet?’  I spent at least 2 hours in bed during the day just to be able to survive.  And 35 years ago I fractured my neck and jaw – in the youthful years, I was completely oblivious to any long term damage.  Seven years ago a chiropractor changed all that – and it has been a seven year continuing haul to get out of pain.  Then there was the menopause and the sweats, the memory loss, the moods.  And finally, I have been a lifelong insomniac; all I can say is I wish I knew then what I know now.  So I have experienced the frustration of pain, weakness and increasing age.  They say pain is the best teacher – and I have certainly learnt a thing or two as a result.   You are welcome to come along as many free sessions on Sunday as you like, to try the miraculous Z-health out, and to meet me.

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