Is knowing what to eat so very difficult?

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With the exception of the bread and the pasta, all good food that need cooking before eating.

Good foods.  Well, I would argue the bread and pasta are not so very good……

Is it hard to work out what food is good to eat?  I have just done a course in Copenhagen about the psychology of making changes in life.  And for many, this involves getting a grip on what we eat and learning how to eat well.  The course kicked off with asking just how hard is it to learn how to eat well?  If we have an eight year old child asking us this question, the answers come very simply:

Eat: vegetables; meat or fish; some fruit; drink water.

Clearly sometimes religions or allergies make differences.  And some people need to add in more starch – rice, potatoes and so on, than others.

But Cheesy Nachos make no appearance and neither does Coke, whether full of sugar of full of pretend sugar.

A free tip: chew everything we eat, starting with about 15 chews per mouthful and increasing bit by bit to 30 chews per mouthful.  This helps the digestion – and apparently poor quality food ceases tasting good after about 17 chews.  Anybody up for this challenge?

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