ITB on foam roller.

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The ITB is notoriously difficult to stretch.  The only thing that helps it release consistently, apart from a good massage, is using the foam roller as seen in the still of the above video.  In the picture to the left, the ITB is referred to as the Iliotibial tract.  At the top of the ITB can be seen one of the muscles that attach into it, the Tensor fasciae latae.  The other muscle that attaches into it is the big bottom muscle, the gluteus maximus – quite possibly gluteus mega-maximus at this time of year.

For more information about the ITB, go to the Page How To Exercise and click on the part taking you to ‘How to get a tight bottom’.

The size and firmness of the roller is open to discussion.  One of the most important things to do if using a foam roller is to relax.  Usually foam rollers are at least 4″ or 10 cm deep, often more, and are firm to hard to lie on.  Now everybody I have come across has one ITB tighter than the other – and the tight one is quite agonising when on the foam roller.  If something is agonising, it is impossible to relax unless trained like a Shaolin Monk.  When working over the tight ITB, you will discover powers of levitation you never knew you had. So I recommend using either a tightly rolled up towel or a pool noodle.  These are thinner and much softer, so you can really let go.  And the more you let go, the more the ITB will release – and the better the result.

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