Lower abdominal exercise using Swiss Ball.

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A good simple exercise to work the lower abs.  By holding the Swiss ball with your legs, you activate the hamstrings which help the hip flexors turn off and ensure the low ab muscles are doing most of the work.  Keep your arms relaxed so you don’t cheat by pressing them into the floor.

If I were this man I would put my head on a folded towel to lengthen the back of my neck.  To fully engage the low abs, it is very important that the upper body is entirely relaxed, including the arms, the throat and the face. Breathing out helps.  Holding the breath is dicey since it could lead to farting.

No matter which way we look at it, your low abs will not be working properly if you regularly eat wheat.  After all it is a grass and good for cows and sheep and not meant for humans or cats.  Wheat is made of big molecules that are hard to digest and ravage the guts.  The walls of the digestive tract are only the thickness of your eyelid, so very easily damaged which leads to inflammation.  The brain senses this and will not allow the abs to be compressed, so if this exercise is done with poor ab function, the abs will dome,  you will be holding your breath and pressing with your arms and in dire danger of causing yourself great embarrassment whilst others around you fall about laughing whilst groping for a face mask.  If a flat belly is desired, when this exercise is done well, the waist will draw inwards.  It is a good idea to tie a piece of string firmly around the waist to ensure it this is happening.

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