Mashed Cauliflower

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  1. Cut the cauliflower into little trees
  2. Steam for preference until reasonably soft.
  3. Add oil or butter plus celtic sea salt.
  4. Mash.  This is best done with a hand held blender, and buzz away for a little while, until completely smooth.

I love mashed cauliflower.  Seriously comforting, but not as heavy as mashed potatoes.  It can fill a real hole when on a low carb diet.  What is also great about mashed cauliflower is it has a gentle cauliflower taste, but is now an open palate to adapt to the main part of the meal.  So if the meal is English or Mediterranean the cauliflower could be steamed with a bay leaf and such flavourings as plenty of black pepper could be added.  For a slight aniseed flavour, fennel seeds could be added.  For prettiness and a bit of heat, paprika.  The oil could be olive or butter.  If the meal is of an Indian/Thai take, then cumin could  be added – either cumin seeds added during the steaming or ground cumin added to the mash.  The oil could be either ghee or coconut.

Mashed cauliflower could also make the topping for a shepherds pie.  And finally Romanesco cauliflower could be used instead of the ubiquitous white cauli.  That would be seriously yum.


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  1. Sarah 2011-12-19

    This is really delicious! It tasted so creamy and light and not overly cauliflowery. I made mine with a blender and it formed a rather yummy puree. Will be making this again (it’s such a great alternative to mash)!


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