Poliquin Topical Magnesium – Magic Cream: first rate for relaxing tight muscles and sending babies to sleep

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Topical Magnesium1 is superb at making tight muscles relax; it is a cream that you rub into the skin over the tight muscles.  Since magnesium is the mineral of relaxation, if you rub Topical Magnesium into a sleepless baby’s feet, it will help it stop yelling, sigh contentedly and fall into a lovely slumber.  Ahhh. …
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Banana Tea – good for sleep.

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1 organic banana – it must be organic since we’re going to boil the entire thing and we don’t want a good dose of pesticides. 1 small pan of boiling, filtered – or good quality bottled – water. Pinch of organic ground cinnamon. Slice the ends off the banana and put the whole thing (minus…
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