PMS – five different types. What to do about them.

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Even in the Twelfth century, men feared PMS.

Let’s face it, suffer from PMS and the whole world suffers with us.  Pre-Menstrual Syndrome comes with a variety of monthly tortures and this blog names them, plus gives tips to help.   PMS is actually something of a  gift, because the body is talking to us loud and clear, informing us what we are short of.  So as the symptoms reduce, our overall health improves.  Without those symptoms, we remain in the dark as to what is happening in the vast chemistry set that is our body.

  1. PMS A for Anger.  So if, once a month, the family dons the collective tin hat and can be found hiding under the table with fingers in ears, the prime cause of this lies in the liver.  Give the liver a bit of TLC and those thunderstorms will abate.  Heavens, I remember being exceedingly cross.  It felt horrible.   A small amount of milk thistle will help – but don’t overdo it since it will reduce sex drive1 and increase the size of the buttocks.  See note for explanation.  Getting alcohol intake under control will help, doing a liver detox will help – but this must involve protein in some form or we will end up worse than when we started.  There are also a few supplements that help the liver to work more efficiently.
  2. PMS D for Depressed.  Down in the dumps.  Dreadful place to be.  Cure: Uber Inositol plus high DHA fish oil.  Uber Inositol is just the most fabulous product.  As well as helping depression, it helps sleep because of the positive effect on the brain.  DHA is the component of fish oil for the brain, so that too will give it a good boost.
  3. PMS C for Carb Cravings.   Chocolate – give me chocolate;  few do not know this one. Of course, there are other carb treats like crisps or biscuits or mashed potato that may become wondrous for a week – as does the tightness of our jeans as a result – and so the cure is L Glutamine, with double cream plus fenuplex – a combo of fenugreek, bitter gourd and gymnema leaf, all of which help us metabolise those carbs better, so they get used for energy instead of blubber.
  4. PMS H – Hydric or water retention.  Heavens, Mr Blobby.  For a while I used implant contraception and I remember wallowing about as a result.  To help: increase magnesium (Ubermag being a stonking product), potassium (take potassium orotate for a good result) and omega 3.
  5. PMS CHAD.  The worst.  All four of the above.

All PMS will be helped by a high quality multi – this will not be found in Holland and Barrett, still less on the shelves of the local supermarket – even if that is Waitrose (sorry Waitrose, much as I love you).

So if we pay attention to the monthly hurdle and do something to sort it out, not only will our lives be smoother, more predictable and more enjoyable, we will be healthier too.

  1. Milk Thistle blocks androgen receptors, the male hormone.  We females do have some of this and it gives us a spring in our step, our sex drive and keeps that fat arse at bay. []

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