Poliquin CoQ10. Good for restoring lost energy levels, those on statins, periodontal disease, dementias and low sperm count.

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Poliquin CoQ10 costs £36.50 plus p&p for 60 softgels; standard dose, 1 a day.  Contact me through this site to buy some from me.  Why so expensive?  After all, we can buy a tub of CoQ10 from Tescos for £5 for 30 pills.  The reason for the price difference is because, unlike most vitamins and minerals, we actually manufacture CoQ10 in the body from what we eat; principally we make it out of oily fish, organ meats and peanuts.  As with most things, this production slows as we age, especially over the age of about 40 yrs.  And if a substance is manufactured in the body, in order for a supplement to be available for use in the body, it has to be in a form the body recognises and therefore uptake; this is not such an easy thing to achieve.

We can take the cheap CoQ10 and just hope it is making a difference.  Or we can take the fully bioavailable Poliquin version and get the benefits of this vital compound.  And the difference is in the ingredients: the Poliquin version has been proved to be most efficacious in pill form.  A 2010 review of versions of CoQ10 commented that there are almost as many studies being done on the most effective way of getting CoQ10 into the body as there are studies on what CoQ10 does. 1  And the studies show that CoQ10 needs to come in a liquid form in a softgel, along with extra ingredients such as medium chain triglycerides. 2

The reason CoQ10 is a vital compound is because it works principally in our energy cells, the mitochondria, where it generates ATP and ATP is the spark that enables us to move about.  Low levels of ATP means low energy levels.  No ATP and we die; after all, the heart is a muscle and needs ATP to fire its contractions. Click on the youtube link for a very simple explanation of ATP.

This highly absorbable form of CoQ10 is essential for those taking statins.  Statins block the cholesterol pathway, which is the same pathway that makes CoQ10, and that is why people and lack spark when taking statins.  Taking a high quality CoQ10 restores energy levels, thus enabling the person to enjoy exercise again, which is very good for your heart,  of course.

CoQ10 also acts in the body as an antioxidant, so other people that benefit from taking CoQ10, as well as people over the age of 40 who don’t want to slow down, are those suffering from periodontal disease, heart disease,  neurodegenerative disorders and the reproductive disorders of low sperm count/motility or pre-exclampsia.  However, CoQ10 should not be taken by people on blood thinning medication – or only taken with the agreement of the doctor.  This is because it interferes with the anti-clotting action of the drug.

There are other effective ways of taking a CoQ10 supplement, but they are even more expensive than the Poliquin brand.

So if you come into contact with a pre-school child and are astonished at their energy levels, take CoQ10, restore those mitochondria and join in the fun.

  1. Coenzyme Q10: clinical update and bioavailability.  Bank G, Kagan D and Madhavi D.  Journal of Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine 16(2) 129-137.  Dec 20, 2010 []
  2. Each capsule contains Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol and mixed tocopherols 100IU; Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone) 100mg.  Other ingredients: D-limonene oil; gelatin; glycerin; medium chain triglycerides; purified water; turmeric powder (colour); zinc oxide (colour). []

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