Poliquin Supplements

Here is a list of the supplements I stock and their cost.  All are imported from the States – the ones imported from Europe are weaker to comply with European law.  I can import all Poliquin supplements except Whey.  Don’t ask me why Whey is banned in the UK!  Postage costs £4.45 for confirmed post, no matter how much is ordered.

Acetyl L Carnitine £27.50, 90 capsules.  Weight loss, brain function.

Alpha GPC £31.50, 60 capsules.  Brain function

BCAA Excellence 2.0 £35, 500 capsules.  During and post workout recovery.

Bone Matrix £45, 180 tablets.  Helps keep bones strong – for post menopausal women and the very thin.

Calcium D glucarate £26.25, 90 capsules.  Helps take excess oestrogen out of the body.

Complete Multi, with or without iron £27, 180 capsules.  Excellent all round multi that had no HCl added, so good for those with stomach ulcers.

CoQ10 Px £41, 60 softgels.  For energy in the over 40s.  Extremely effective – you get what you pay for with this supplement.

D3 Excellence 5,000IU £21,120 softgels.  Essential supplement for all living north of Lisbon.  The softgels can be chewed.

DHA Tutti Frutti Chewables £23, 60 softgels.  Essential supplement for children.

EPA-DHA 720 (fish oils) £35, 120 softgels (1g each).  Safe, clean fish oil tablets.

Estro Pro 1000 £33 30 caps.  For post-menopausal women or those who’ve had a hysterectomy.

Fast Brain £31.50, 60 caps.  Unbelievble supplement to restore the memory.  Not kidding!

Flame Quench £38, 60 softgels.  Non-damaging pain killer.

GABA £21, 60 caps.  Helps sleep and may help cravings.

GI Qwell £48, 60 capsules.  Gut healing.

Green Tea Excellence £22.35, 60 caps.  Excellent for keeping attention when doing a boring task, like driving on a motorway or doing school reports.  Helps reduce stress, and so helps reduce belly fat.

Immugraphis £18, 30 tablets.  Excellent to take when a cold is coming on – will fight it off or reduce severity.

Java Stim £23 200 caps.   Blasts you to attention.  Weight training aid; also excellent for pulling an all-nighter – jitter free caffeine.

Lipotropic Excellence £18.50, 120 caps.  Good for the liver and digestion of fat.

Mega D3 2.0 £23.50, 6- softgels.  Stronger dose of Vitamin D3.  Good if you only want to take 1 a day.

Megabiotic – SP £39, 60 caps.  Powerful probiotic – the biotics it contains come from the earth.

Melatonin 3mg £15.50, 60 caps.  Helps sleep.

Melatonin 10 mg, £22, 60 caps.  Helps sleep.

Methylator Complex £27.50, 60 caps.  First rate source of B vitamins and essential for those who can’t convert folic acid properly.

Multi Intense £30, 180 tablets  Magnificent Multi.

Multi Intense, iron free £30, 180 tablets.  Magnificent Multi

Multi Power Chewables for Kids £24.50, 90 chewables.

Omnizyme £19.50, 60 tablets.  Full spectrum digestive enzymes.

Omnizyme Gluten Support £20, 90 caps.  New product designed to break down gluten in the stomach before it hits the intestines.

OPTI-EFA liquid 2.0 £19.50 7oz liquid.  Cheapest way to take fish oils.

P-N Multi £30, 60 caps.  Newest multi.  HCl free.

P1P2 Balance £35.50, 75 caps.  Liver support – helps balance out  phase 1 and phase 2 liver detoxification.

Perfect 10 £35, 60 softgels.  New fish oil containing omega 7.

Perfect E 3.0 £21.  Excellent form of vitamin E.

Primal Fibre 2 natural orange flavour, £19.50, 249 g powder.  Psyllium based fibre.

Primal Fibre 3.1 £19, 261 g powder.  Multi source fibre with probiotics.

Proflora Chewables £23.50, 60 chewable tablets.  Yummy probiotic that is chewable so good for children or those who can’t swallow pills.  Needs refrigeration.

Proflora Excellence DF Caps £27.50, 60 caps.  Excellent probiotic.  Needs refrigeration.

Resveratrol ATP  £38, 30 caps.  Powerful anti-aging product.

S.B.1.0 £26, 30 caps.  Probiotic that takes out the bad guys.  Needs refrigeration.

Serenity 2.0 £20, 100 tabs.  Excellent at promoting calmness without sleepiness.

Sinew Plex £30, 90 tablets.  Helps reduce joint pain/inflammation

Surge Adrenal Support £34.60, 60 caps.  Excellent for the exhausted.

Sweet Dreams 1.0 £21.60, 60 caps.  Helps sleep.

Taurine £16, 100 caps.  Calming and excellent for the eyes.

Topical Mag £24, 4 oz cream.  Miracle cream!  Rub it in and tight muscles relax.

Uber C £27.50, 90 tablets.  The most powerful form of Vitamin C on the market; designed to last in the guts rather than just pass on through.  It really is astonishing.

Ubermag £22.50, 90 caps.  Essential supplement: helps sleep, weightloss and a sackload of other stuff.

Ubermag Plus £24.50, 90 caps.  As Ubermag, but also containing tryptophan, so increases serotonin.

UberZinc £14.25, 90 caps.  The ultimate form of Zinc – essential for the immune system and strength.

Ultra HCl 4.0 £27.50, 225 caps.  Breaks down proteins.  Not to be taken if you’ve got a stomach ulcer.

Wind Down 2.0 £27.50, 30 chewables.  Yummy chewable that lowers cortisol, so promotes sleep and loss of belly fat.

Zen Mag 2.0 £39 caps.  A form of magnesium that specifically promotes sleep and calmness; this version also contains inositol.

Zen Mag, £33 90 caps.   Magnesium threonate, aimed at promoting sleep.