Quick De Stress tip No. 15.

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No Russians were permanently maimed in the making of this video.  Their livers got a bit pickled, though.

When the going gets a bit tough or we need to get our courage to a sticking place, it is possible to sing a little tune to ourselves.

In my former life, I had a friend who was an actor fresh out of drama school and he landed the small role of the Marquis d’Obigny in La Traviata. In order to flesh his role out, he invented a whole life for his character and entered the stage mentally singing ‘The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo’ – which enabled him his suitable swagger.

Of course, the tune can be anything to change the mood – relaxing stuff if we are tense – something that will help us glide along, swan like;  jolly stuff to cheer ourselves up; a ridiculous tune to reduce silly fears.  ‘Hey ho, hey ho, its off to work we go’.  Of course, James Bond is always a winner.


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