Quick de stress tip number 23

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I feel rather guilty laughing at this one.  But laugh I did.

There is a Zen story about a poor farmer who’s only horse ran away.  His neighbours commiserated with him, but the farmer did not seem to be worried.  Sure enough, several days later the horse returned with with a pack of 5 wild stallions.  His neighbours came round, rejoicing.  But the farmer did not seem excited.

The following week, whilst trying to break in one of the stallions, the farmer’s only son fell off and broke his leg.  Again, the neighbours came around to express their sorrow.  Once again, the farmer did not seem worried.  At the end of the month, the local warlord came to the village to conscript all the healthy young men to fight in his latest campaign.  Of course, the farmer’s son could not be picked.

This story illustrates how we can’t control the ups and downs of life.   Continuing last week’s de stress tip: we just do not know what will happen next and the results of that happening.  Life is never all awful or all good.  It is only ever varieties of good and bad.  So try to relax and go with the flow like a tree in the wind.  Being silly on a treadmill may cause you pain, but, hey, you will get fame on Youtube.

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