Rosemary salt.

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  • 3 cups/75cl/1½ pints Celtic sea salt, or other unrefined salt.
  • 1½cups/37.5cl/¾ pint dried rosemary.
  1. Put the rosemary in a blender, or similar, and whizz for up to 2 mins to break it up.
  2. Add in the salt and blend for a further 1½ mins until thoroughly mixed up.
  3. Store excess in an airtight container and put the rest in a salt mill suitable for the wet sea salt.

Rosemary flavoured salt is a wonderful addition to food.  Of course, you can use any herb of choice or you could add lemon zest and ground pepper.  Rosemary salt can be made with fresh rosemary and can be dried off in the oven or made in smaller quantities and used more quickly.

The point of all my recipes is that they are quick and easy to cook.  Adding rosemary salt to simply cooked meat or fish or veggies transport them with a twist of the grinder to the mediterranean.  And despite groundless advice to the contrary, salt is good for us.

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