Seated top half presses – excellent for developing the lateral head of the triceps.

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This is the best example of this exercise I could find, and it can be done as said.  However, more joy will be got from the slight variations listed below.  Done well, the exercise develops the outer or lateral head of the triceps – and will make the back of the arms look well wide.

  1. Set the bench to upright.
  2. Set the pins at the hairline, slightly lower than on the video.
  3. Keep the elbows sticking out wide and under the wrists, as said, but try to keep the wrists straight – easier said than done.
  4. Press the bar up then lower to just above the pins, hold for 2 – 3 seconds then press up again.  Excellent training for overcoming inertia.  So a good tempo is, using the Poliquin formula, 2210 = lower for 2 secs, hold for 2 secs, push up for 1 sec and immediately repeat.  Aim for about 8 – 10 reps.
  5. During the pause at the bottom point, keep a little tension in the back of the arms – keep your mind on the feeling of pressing up.
  6. Use your deep abs to stabilise your back – this means that your upper abs will feel relaxed.  The only movement is the arms going up and down.  As you tire, the back will start moving a bit – this is a sure signal it is time to stop – so your training makes you stronger instead of injured and, therefore, weak.

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