Shopping Stress – worse for men or for women?

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I think the thing that amazes me most about this clip is that, everybody, apart from the first couple, looked happy. Their high blood pressure came as a complete surprise to them – and to me.  We associate stress with steer wheel gripping, jaw clenching and general bad mood stuff.  From this clip alone it is quite clear that stress is invidious in our western life.

Stress is very aging – it just wears the body and brain out.  This is because the stress hormones are designed to save our lives and whilst they are high, the priority of the body is to get us out of there fast, or to destroy the stressor.  So it could be likened to a ship in high seas: all hands on deck to fight the storm.  Any repairs to the ship – or our body – are put on hold until the storm passes. And in our bodies, digestion and the sex hormones are shut down as well.  All this is fine for a few minutes.  Our problems arise when we live so much of our time in this state.

Sorry, you’ll have to copy and paste the clip since for some reason it has not translated onto the page properly.  Peep peep with that blood pressure cuff.

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