Singing planks, feet on ball.

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Today, I am concerned with the first exercise on the video.  The plank with the legs (or feet) on the Swiss ball.  The video is excellent.  Perform this exercise just like that.

  1. Kneel behind the Swiss ball.
  2. Roll over it and onto your hands.
  3. Walk out until the hips are just off the ball.
  4. This is easy.  It is at this point that you want to lengthen the back and gently engage the lower abs.
  5. Look straight down and slightly lengthen the back of the neck.
  6. Walk out as far as you can, keeping length in the back and no noticeable tension in the upper abs.
  7. Sing.
  8. If this exercise is done well, there should be no need for adjustments at the furthest point.

What I find is that people want to put their hands onto the floor, then throw their legs up onto the ball.  This is fine for those who do not eat wheat AND who have rehabilitated their abs.  Since most people eat wheat – or gluten – everyday, they simply do not have the ab control to do this.  Yes, their abs will be taut; they will be so taut they can’t breathe properly.  Am I right?  Well, if you can hold a plank with the tops of the feet on the ball plus sing heartily without losing a nice straight back, then, yes, you can do this exercise.  And by singing heartily, I do not mean the standard British church mumble.  I mean belting out any old tune that comes to mind.  ‘Happy Birthday to meeee’ is as good a choice as any.  If you try this in the gym and people look at you, that is their problem, not yours.  Tell them to concentrate on what they are doing and that you’ll be done in a minute.  And tell them this in a nice loud voice.  After all, what use is a strong core if engaging it means being unable to breathe properly?  Will this help you run more quickly?  A strong core means the engagement varies according to demand, and that it works well, even when having to breathe hard in order to keep going.  Singing planks:  key to a fantastic core and keeps the madness quotient high.


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