Standing Military Press

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Having mastered the seated version of the military press, Rippetoe’s video gives some pointers for the standing version.

Just as in the seated version, its elbows forwards and chest up with the bar resting on the upper chest.

Arch the upper back, slide the shoulders strongly down so the lats and lower traps engage.

Push the bar up and strongly lengthen through the whole torso.  The abs will brace, the elbows lock out.

Do not overarch the lumbar spine.

The bar travels in a vertical line up then down.

As the bar lowers, lift the chest to meet it.

In another video, Rippetoe recommends aiming for the nose as pushing up.

It is recommended to push the shoulders up as high as possible at the top of the movement.  I’m not sure.  Experiment.  What I am certain about is that this part of the movement happens at the very top of the press and not as the bar starts its ascent.

It is better to rack and unrack the bar rather than pick it up from the floor.  But many gyms do not have a proper rack, only a Smith machine, or variant.  This exercise should not be done on a Smith machine – and neither should any exercise, come to that!

For best results, don’t forget to add a dog to the gym.

Next week the exercise of the week will be pelvic floor strengthening.  The fundamental exercise to all exercise, applying equally to men and women.

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