Straight Arm Lat Push Down

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A lovely isolation exercise1that works the lats and the abs as stabilisers.

  1. Pick a weight much lighter than you would expect and use a straight bar or the lat pull down bar.
  2. Grab the bar, hands shoulder width apart and walk backwards so arms are outstretched but with very slight bend in the elbows and the weight lifts off the stack.
  3. Pull your shoulders down so you can feel your back engage and your tail should slightly tuck under, so you feel your abs engage.
  4. Imagine you have a coconut in each armpit. Press the bar straight down to your thighs, mentally crushing the coconut.  Keep your chest sticking out, shoulders back and down, abs remaining strongly engaged.
  5. You will feel your body weight shift to your heels.
  6. Then let the bar raise back up to just above shoulder height, keeping the shoulders down and everything engaged until the very top and hanging on to those coconuts.
  7. Briefly relax the shoulders then repeat.

If you have got it right, the weight feels surprisingly heavy and the abs contract strongly.  This is a simple exercise but requires patience and a light weight to learn how to get the most out of it.

  1. isolation exercise – this is an exercise where only one muscle move the weight – in this case it is the lats.  Other muscle work to stabilise the joint and the body.  The opposite of an isolation exercise is a compound exercise and in this case an example of a compound exercise for the lats is either a lat pull down, a chin up or a bent over row.  These exercises work the lats and the biceps []

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