Tasty coffee

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cup of Coffe_time
  • Coffee, either freshly ground beans or ground coffee.  Preferably organic.
  • Spice powder
  1. Add the spice powder of choice to the beans, stir thoroughly, then grind the beans.  Or stir the spice into the ground coffee.
  2. Make the coffee in the cafetiere/Bialetti/coffee maker.
  3. Enjoy.

The spice powders: depends upon what you like.  My favourite is ground cardamom, this they call Lebanese coffee.  But cinnamon also works well, as does allspice.  You could try Chinese five spice.  You want to add about a scant teaspoon full to 3 dessertspoons of coffee – but a bit of experimentation is necessary.

Coffee is best drunk with double cream or black.  Then we get the benefits from the antioxidants.  Coffee is good for you, despite what the killjoys say.   But, in order to not affect sleep, stop drinking coffee at 4pm.  Here is a link to a blog I wrote about Why Coffee is Good for you.  Unfortunately, the utterly wonderful French cartoon/song at the top of the blog is no longer available with English subtitles.  However, suffice to say the little old lady asks him the time, and his son is telling him he came top;  I think its possible to guess that what he says in response is not encouraging to the little squirt.


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