The joys of gluten free bread.

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Sell by date:   7th December 2013, thrown away date: 14th March 2014.  Loaf still springy.

And this is healthy food?

This is a gluten free loaf of bread.  I doubt a normally wheaty loaf of bread would fare much better.  Incidentally, I bought it to make a Christmas pudding and didn’t get around to it until after 7th Dec, so had to buy another loaf.  By the looks of this, I needn’t have bothered!

Giving up gluten makes everybody healthier and happier.  Replacing gluten with pretend gluten foods like the above loaf or gf pasta helps ease the break.  Ultimately, though, nothing beats eating real food.

Good books to read:  Wheat Belly by Dr William Davis – this book makes it clear why gluten has become such a problem.  And Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo – a book full of good information about eating real food; it also has an excellent section of quick and easy recipes.




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