Triceps kickbacks. Any good as an exercise?

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This video shows how to do this exercise as well as it can be done.  Michelle Trapp makes all the major points and demonstrates very clearly.  However,there are better exercises for the triceps than this.  In fact, most other triceps exercises are better than this.  The main problem comes from the position of the arm and weight in relation to gravity.  At the start of the movement, gravity helps the dumbbell move down.  There is just no resistance.  The resistance doesn’t kick in until the forearm is just past the 90° angle at the elbow, which means the effective part of the movement is tiny.  To really work the triceps, it is better to take them from a stretched position, as at the bottom of a triceps extension.  The pictures below show the exercise – if she takes those dumbbells down to the tops of her shoulders, that will make the exercise super effective.  Also, with the dumbbell triceps extension, the moment the arms move from the vertical, gravity pushes the dumbbells down, making the exercise effective throughout the range of movement.  For best results, time in the gym should be limited and we are best choosing exercises that give best return for effort.


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