Upper Body Russian Twist, back on Swiss ball. Bottom tightening, waist slimming. Bargain.

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Crikey, this bloke does this exercise well.  See how his hips are stable, so as he twists to one side, the hips remain level.

  1. The set up is as for Hip extension, back on ball.  Lift through the bottom not the back.  If your glutes do not feel squeezed, then you are not going to get much from this exercise except, potentially, back ache.  Actually, you may fly off the ball, which will amuse any onlookers.
  2. Start this exercise just clasping your hands over your chest.  Add a weight when you are confident the technique is good.
  3. As you twist to one side, that side hip will want to sag.  Don’t let it.  Keep the hips levels.  Make sure you push the ball to one side as you twist and this will keep the hands aligned with the centre of the chest.
  4. Start with a slow speed while you work out how to do this exercise.  Otherwise once again, you will fly off the ball.  It won’t hurt much, but you will feel a bit foolish.

Rotational exercises like this do not effectively strengthen the obliques – the muscles of the abs that twist you.  However, you may find exercises like this do slim the waist if done well.  If you need to strengthen the obliques for sports, then side flexion exercises will be much more effective.

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