What can be done about poor balance?

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Can anything be done about poor balance apart from practising it?  Well, yes it can. I have just come to the end of a Z-health course in Copenhagen, Denmark.  The body is a complex piece of kit and, as we rattle through life, things tend to go wrong with it. Normally we no longer spend our lives pounding about the savanna hunting for tonight’s dinner,we spend it glued to a computer, steering wheel or hoover and not uncommonly, we get damaged in some way; whiplash, knocked unconscious, bitten by a snake, meningitus and so on.  All this stuff adds up, and as we age we find balancing more and more difficult.

There is no way that I am going to even attempt to summarise 4 days worth of course in a sentence or two.  But from all that I have seen from the 40 or so trainers that were on this course, Z health makes the most extraordinary changes in people’s function very simply and very quickly. This particular course focussed on how the eyes are working in relation to our balance.  They are very interrelated and sometimes we need to pay attention to one to sort out the other.  Of course, if the ankle hurts to stand on it, balance on that ankle will be a horrible experience.  I realise I sound evangelical, but Z health stuff will reduce the pain in the ankle – and then the balance will improve.

Where there is Z health, there is always hope.



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