A simple and sophisticated way of telling which weight loss diet works best for you.

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I have been a Biosignature practitioner since 2006. This method reveals much about the hormonal health of the body. It explains why love handles are developed, why that annoying pot belly is so hard to shift, whether sleep is an issue or why all the blasted fat seems to go to the hips. The results make it is clear as to what has to be done to sort things out. Which overall diet is most suitable for weight loss and good health – high carb or high protein.

The biosignature is more than just a way to help weight loss. The results lead to much greater health and vitality, even in the slim.

Charles Poliquin, who devised the method said that he developed it in one of his early jobs, which was taking the body fat measurements of the entire SWAT team in America. This involved taking thousands of measurements, and as time went on it seemed there was a direct correlation between where body fat is stored and the health of the person. This was backed up by blood work, and the biosignature method born.

I have certainly been on a sharp learning curve since 2006, which was when I first took the course. I came back feeling quite invincible!! Then I started to practice it. Rather a bump back to reality; people are extremely complex in their troubles. Charles teaches the Biosignature in many countries now and as the years have gone on it has become clear that there are quite big differences in the health problems of the various countries. America has a big problem with excess sugar in the diet, Australia with pesticide toxicity, the Arab world with toxicity from oil products, the Italians with low testosterone and the UK is an old industrialised heavily populated country, so environmental toxicity is huge here as are gut problems.

The NHS does tend to make us complacent. A diabetic I know well is still putting sugar in tea. Although free health for all has benefits,and health insurance gives a feeling of safety, it can also make people lazy. Nothing can beat not getting ill in the first place. Nothing can beat maintaining good energy levels as we age. Nothing can beat learning how to eat well for yourself and not for the food companies’ profits. And there is nothing like overcoming weight loss difficulties properly – paying attention to the true causes of over eating, cravings or just plain bloating. This is the Biosignature.

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