Avocado Pear and Bacon for breakfast. Good for mental performance and weightloss.

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Bacon - the vegan's downfall.

  • ½ – 1 avocado pear, always organic if possible.
  • Enough bacon.  Depends upon the size of the slices, the thickness and the size of you.  A strong man will need eat more than someone weak.  Someone who will be active all day will need to eat more than someone who will be sitting in the office all day.

Serves 1.

  1. Fry or grill bacon until nicely done, but not burnt.  Cut into bits – this can be done before cooking and will speed up the cooking process.
  2. Whilst bacon is cooking, slice the avocado in half and remove the stone.
  3. Put the bacon bits on the avocado and eat.
  4. If only used ½ the avocado, put the unused half in a bowl of water and store in the fridge.  This will stop it turning brown.

To get the best out of the brain during the day, to substantially reduce cravings, and as part of a serious weightloss programme, eat a protein and fat breakfast.   I am often asked for ideas on this since most people can imagine eating eggs for breakfast, but breakfast without eggs in it seems to cause mental breakdown.  A step in the right direction can be eating bacon and avocado pear for breakfast.  Quick to prepare and eat, delicious combo, and sets up the blood sugar on a stable course for the day.  Avocado pear oil is one of the healthiest oils we can eat.  A word about the bacon – get the highest quality hands can be laid on.  Cheap bacon, filled with nasty preservatives and made from poor pigs fed the worst kind of diet will not do us any good at all and not taste particularly nice.  But high quality bacon should not be feared – we have salted food to preserve it for years.  There are nitrates in our veggies, so provided the bacon comes from lovingly reared pigs and has the minimal amount of preservative, then enjoy.  Bring on the calculus.

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