Beefburgers. Just how bad can it get?

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This video has a jaw dropping interview with the owner of this beefburger joint, the Heart Attack Grill.  What starts in America tends to come over here, so they’d better start making bigger and much stronger chairs soon.

Several things annoy me about this whole thing.  Another name for this burger joint could be Gluttons R Us.  The quadruple burger is 6,000 calories, presumably making a single burger 1,500 calories.  This is just pigging out.  It seems to me that the people eating here are behaving rather like 3 year olds having being told they can’t have sweeties.  Immediately the child goes into a tantrum, demanding, ‘Want sweeties. NOW’.  It seems as adults we do not lose this side to us; if we are told not to do something, then it makes us want to do that thing.    Eating such a huge amount of generally vilified food is adults sticking two fingers up, ignoring any consequences and stuffing down the denied ‘sweeties’ in huge portions.

Apart from that, in this comes the overall message that red meat is bad for you and that fat is bad for you.  There is a huge difference between eating a grass fed piece of beef with organic vegetables or salad and a poor quality beefburger with processed cheese, laden with sugary sauces, and slapped between dreadful quality bread.  High quality red meat is an excellent source if vital nutrients such as protein, vitamin B12, magnesium and choline.  There is a huge difference between steamed new potatoes rolled in organic butter and deep fried chips.  Fat in a deep fryer is not the same as fat not in a deep fryer.  Any fat in a deep fryer is not good for us because of the heat involved and because that heat then subsequent cooling and reheating for each days opening hours, makes any fat go rancid.  There is a world of difference between rancid fat and saturated fat.  Saturated fat is quite simply not the demon that it is made out to be.  Click on the linked blog to find out that lard has a high percentage of oleic acid, the same fat as is in olive oil.

So, yes, Heart Attack Grill is not the wrong name for this joint.  It is just a shame that people are so unaware of why the name is apt.  Too much poor quality food will indeed cause us health problems.  What we eat matters and this includes the quantity, quality and how it is cooked.


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