Brushing up the grey matter.

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Board games are in resurgence. Gone are the hours of Monopoly arguments; now we can fight over a plenitude of games, and it falls upon me each year to choose which one the family Christmas will be spent drinking around. Whilst scouring the department shops, I was shown a new board game called Cortex. It says it take about 15 minutes to play. Hurrah; but, as a professional with serious neurological training, I found myself sceptical about the quality of science involved. Upon closer inspection, I realised this was more than just another fake brain game. It is the real deal, clearly devised by neurologists. This means it challenges the various parts of the brain, including the brainstem and cerebellum. If these babies are not working well, doing any kind of physical activity will be difficult and lead to injury, even if you’re not balanced on a wobble board trying to learn Swahili.

So. As well as raising your blood pressure playing drunken Pass The Bomb, you can also challenge your grey matter and improve brain function, as well as holding off that fifth extra mince pie.

Disclaimer: It goes without saying, but I expect sobriety is a strong advantage in this game.

It costs £12.99 from either Argos or John Lewis – or get it from Amazon – and requires 2 – 6 players aged 8 and over.






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