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Two clips about Codex Alimentarius.  The first is calm and very British. The second passionate. Take your pick.

Robert Verkerk talks about the studies that show that vitamins are bad for your health.  Vitamin E usually gets these studies going.  Man made Vitamin E is indeed very bad for your health.  Natural Vitamin E is very good for you – a natural antioxidant to fish oil and very good for uterine protection.  It is a very important supplement during the menopause. It is also an important player in the uptake of magnesium.  So if a study is come across damning vitamin E,  it is important to try to work out what sort of E was involved in the study1

The second clip is annoyingly video-ed.  Sorry.  There are longer versions of what Dr  Rima Laibow says which are worth watching.

I would just like people to be aware of Codex Alimentarius.

  1. Natural Vitamin E will have on the pot ‘Natural Tocopherols’  and the best contain a mixture of things like D-Gamma Tocopherol, D-Delta Tocopherol.  The words ‘Dl-alpha tocopherol’  will be man-made.  Check out your multi.  If it just says Vitamin E then be very suspicious. []

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